Services included

Exhibitors’ space: 15 sq.m: 2 big tables, 10  chairs

Announcing your company 4 times during the event

Number of badges: up to 10

A word at the opening of the event

Decoration: 4 roll-ups, 2 information desks

Providing the company with the information about all registered visitors

Presentation: during both days of event

Placing your maquette, print material in the best location of the event hall

Pre-scheduled meetings: additional promotion and setting  meetings on the highest level

Broadcasting your promo clip during the business program

Advertising on 1500 euro budget

Placing your logo on the press wall of the event

Advertising on 3 top location banners + 150 listings

Email blast with your offer (4 times after the event)

Private meeting room

Transfer and hotel accommodation

Branding the cover of the event catalogue

Post event meetings, follow up calls, assistance in negotiations

Branding the web-site of the event

Provision with translator service

Announcing and branding in every event’s newsletter

Provision with promo girls service


15 000 EURO